Heart Attack Symptoms in Female Patients

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Heart Attack
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Dr. Chris Endfinger serves as an attending physician in emergency departments across Alabama. In this role, Dr. Chris Endfinger draws on experience in recognizing cardiac conditions in both men and women.

While all cardiac patients can experience the characteristic chest pain and pressure that is stereotypical of a heart attack, these symptoms may manifest differently for women. Chest pain is indeed the most common symptom of a heart attack, even in women, but the female patient may feel it differently. She may feel a squeezing or full pain in the center of the chest, though the pain may instead be present in the lower chest or upper abdomen.

A woman’s heart attack pain may also manifest in areas outside of the chest, such as in the arms, back, neck, or jaw. Such pain is particularly likely to be associated with heart attack if it comes on or worsens during exercise or if it starts in the chest and radiates to the back. Jaw pain related to heart attack is typically located in the lower left jaw area, though arm pain is more likely to be bilateral than the same pain would be in a man.

Women are also more likely to experience heart attack symptoms that do not appear cardiac. These include excessive fatigue, which makes the patient feel more tired than she usually does after completing a particular activity. Relatedly, many female heart attack patients report experiencing shortness of breath or sweating without having exerted themselves significantly.

Because so many of these symptoms are not what a woman might expect to feel during a heart attack, many female patients fail to seek medical attention in a timely fashion. It is important for women to be aware of what such experiences may mean so that they can receive the early care that can significantly improve prognosis.


Fight 4 Life Fitness and Boxing Ministry Holds Boxing Fundraiser

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Fight 4 Life Fitness and Boxing Ministry
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Board certified in family practice since 1996, Dr. Chris Endfinger works as an attending physician for several Alabama emergency departments. Heavily involved in his community, Dr. Chris Endfinger supports Fight 4 Life Fitness and Boxing Ministry, Inc.

A former professional boxer, Greg Young started the ministry nine years after they moved from Orlando, Florida, to Birmingham, Alabama. He retired from boxing before marrying his wife, Dorothy, and once they moved, he realized kids in Birmingham needed a place to work out their stress and anger. The organization also gives kids a spot to create friendships and develop a strong relationship with Christ. The organization opened its doors in 2004 with five kids. Since then, it has incorporated adults programing as well.

A nonprofit, Fight 4 Life relies on financial contributions to fulfill its mission. One fundraising event occurred on August 11, 2017, at the Belk Activity Center in Tuscaloosa. The pro boxing event featured Gregory Young Jr. taking on Andrew Goodrich as well as Arturo Aguilar Jr. sparring with Fred Weaver. In addition to providing funding for the organization, 10 percent of each ticket or table purchased went back to the boxers.

Services and Ministry at Fight4Life

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Dr. Chris Endfinger, an emergency physician, has served since 1997 as an attending physician in emergency care departments of hospitals across Alabama. Dedicated to supporting his community on a personal level as well, Dr. Chris Endfinger supports the Fight4Life organization.

Founded by Greg and Dorothy Young, Fight4Life provides boxing instruction as well as social, emotional, and spiritual guidance to young people in Birmingham, Alabama. Mr. Young, a former professional boxer, noticed shortly after moving to Birmingham that the area’s young people were in need of a place to process their stress and develop a relationship with Christ.

After a few years of early development, Fight4Life became a recognized nonprofit organization in 2004. It now serves a diverse population of children and adults, all of whom have gained a place where they can not only build their boxing skills but grow in community as well.

Fight4Life offers 1.5 hours of gym time for children and pre-teens each Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Homework support is available starting 30 minutes before gym time and extending into the first 15 minutes of the period. After the children’s period ends, adults and teenagers enjoy their own gym time for 2.5 hours, and there is open gym for four hours every Saturday.

To integrate spiritual wellness with athletic growth, Fight4Life has implemented a dedicated circle time. At this moment, all activity stops and athletes join together in a nondenominational period of prayer. Participation is optional.

In addition to this spiritual guidance, gym leaders offer mentoring and guidance to participants. This helps the gym’s young athletes to understand that there is someone available who cares about them and the challenges they face in their lives.

TeamHealth Cofounder Recognized for Influence in Health Care Industry


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Dr. Lynn Massingale
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Over the course of his career, Dr. Chris Endfinger has brought his skills as a physician to emergency rooms in Alabama. Currently, Dr. Chris Endfinger treats patients through physician-led clinical services company TeamHealth.

In June 2017, TeamHealth announced that its cofounder and chairman Dr. Lynn Massingale had garnered placement on Modern Healthcare’s 2017 list of the 50 Most Influential Physician Executives and Leaders. Appearing on the list for the second consecutive year, Dr. Massingale came in at No. 14, a jump of 33 spots from 2016.

Modern Healthcare recognized Dr. Massingale specifically for providing influential leadership and impact in the health care industry. An expert panel and Dr. Massingale’s peers were responsible for selecting him for the honor.

Dr. Massingale cofounded TeamHealth’s predecessor company in 1979 and spent the next three decades leading the clinical services organization through impressive growth. Under his leadership as CEO, TeamHealth reached revenues of $500 million in 1999 and $1 billion in 2005. Serving as chairman since 2009, Dr. Massingale continues to help guide a company whose revenues exceeded $3.5 billion in 2015 and whose physicians provide care to over 26 million patients each year.

Advantages of Practicing Emergency Medicine

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Emergency Medicine
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An emergency physician with nearly two decades of experience, Dr. Chris Endfinger is an emergency room attending physician at TeamHealth Southeast in Alabama. Before taking up his current responsibilities, Dr. Chris Endfinger served as medical director of the emergency department at Gasden Regional Medical Center.

One of the most unique medical specialties, particularly when it comes to scheduling and continuity of care, emergency medicine offers practitioners a number of advantages over more traditional specialties. Emergency physicians usually work shifts ranging from 8 hours to 12 hours, which can take place at all hours of day or night. This offers a great deal of flexibility, enabling emergency physicians to cluster their shifts and take extended vacations or pursue outside interests. Although overnight shifts can be challenging, many emergency physicians love the flexibility their schedules provide.

On any given day, emergency physicians see a wide variety of conditions, ranging from broken bones and cardiac arrests to abdominal pain and psychiatric issues. There is no typical emergency patient, a feature that appeals to many emergency physicians. Emergency physicians are also able to make diagnoses that will significantly influence care for patients.

Medical Missions Teams Welcomed to Honduras

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Team Health
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With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Chris Endfinger works as the attending physician in the emergency department at Team Health Southwest in Alabama. Dr. Chris Endfinger has used his expertise to help others during three medical mission trips to Honduras.

Honduras, nestled among the Central American countries of Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala, has the unfortunate distinction of having the highest murder rate in the world. As a country that is continually nagged with violence, natural disaster, and crime, poverty has affected close to 60 percent of its population. Even though its beautiful landscapes can offer respite, Honduras is in great need of aid.

Numerous organizations that offer a variety of humanitarian and religious services have a presence in Honduras. Since there is a high rate of infectious diseases and infant mortality in poverty-stricken areas, foreign medical teams are welcomed into the country to offer general medical and dental aid. Intestinal problems caused by parasites from contaminated drinking water are very common. Arthritis and asthma are also issues. Medical missions teams offer help for these problems and can also educate the public on AIDS and its prevention.

Compassion International’s Letter Writing Program

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Letter Writing Program
Image: compassion.com

Dr. Chris Endfinger is an Alabama-based emergency department attending physician and former medical director of Gadsden Regional Hospital Emergency Department. Outside of his work, Chris Endfinger, MD, has been an active supporter for Compassion International since beginning medical school.

Compassion International is a global nonprofit organization that is devoted to assisting children in need across the world through both financial and educational assistance, and advocacy efforts. The charity has been in place for over 60 years after being founded in 1952 in response to the multitude of South Korean war orphans at the time. Today, the group has expanded well beyond South Korea and serves in over 25 different countries.

There are a multitude of ways in which to contribute to Compassion International. The organization’s biggest draw is its child sponsoring program, in which the volunteer would choose a child to directly send money to support. Another facet of the program is the Write My Child initiative, a way for the sponsor and recipient to keep in touch and establish a bond. Write My Child also serves as a way to encourage self-esteem and learning in the children while affirming the sponsor’s place in their life.