Advantages of Practicing Emergency Medicine

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Emergency Medicine

An emergency physician with nearly two decades of experience, Dr. Chris Endfinger is an emergency room attending physician at TeamHealth Southeast in Alabama. Before taking up his current responsibilities, Dr. Chris Endfinger served as medical director of the emergency department at Gasden Regional Medical Center.

One of the most unique medical specialties, particularly when it comes to scheduling and continuity of care, emergency medicine offers practitioners a number of advantages over more traditional specialties. Emergency physicians usually work shifts ranging from 8 hours to 12 hours, which can take place at all hours of day or night. This offers a great deal of flexibility, enabling emergency physicians to cluster their shifts and take extended vacations or pursue outside interests. Although overnight shifts can be challenging, many emergency physicians love the flexibility their schedules provide.

On any given day, emergency physicians see a wide variety of conditions, ranging from broken bones and cardiac arrests to abdominal pain and psychiatric issues. There is no typical emergency patient, a feature that appeals to many emergency physicians. Emergency physicians are also able to make diagnoses that will significantly influence care for patients.

Medical Missions Teams Welcomed to Honduras

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Team Health

With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Chris Endfinger works as the attending physician in the emergency department at Team Health Southwest in Alabama. Dr. Chris Endfinger has used his expertise to help others during three medical mission trips to Honduras.

Honduras, nestled among the Central American countries of Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala, has the unfortunate distinction of having the highest murder rate in the world. As a country that is continually nagged with violence, natural disaster, and crime, poverty has affected close to 60 percent of its population. Even though its beautiful landscapes can offer respite, Honduras is in great need of aid.

Numerous organizations that offer a variety of humanitarian and religious services have a presence in Honduras. Since there is a high rate of infectious diseases and infant mortality in poverty-stricken areas, foreign medical teams are welcomed into the country to offer general medical and dental aid. Intestinal problems caused by parasites from contaminated drinking water are very common. Arthritis and asthma are also issues. Medical missions teams offer help for these problems and can also educate the public on AIDS and its prevention.

Compassion International’s Letter Writing Program

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Letter Writing Program

Dr. Chris Endfinger is an Alabama-based emergency department attending physician and former medical director of Gadsden Regional Hospital Emergency Department. Outside of his work, Chris Endfinger, MD, has been an active supporter for Compassion International since beginning medical school.

Compassion International is a global nonprofit organization that is devoted to assisting children in need across the world through both financial and educational assistance, and advocacy efforts. The charity has been in place for over 60 years after being founded in 1952 in response to the multitude of South Korean war orphans at the time. Today, the group has expanded well beyond South Korea and serves in over 25 different countries.

There are a multitude of ways in which to contribute to Compassion International. The organization’s biggest draw is its child sponsoring program, in which the volunteer would choose a child to directly send money to support. Another facet of the program is the Write My Child initiative, a way for the sponsor and recipient to keep in touch and establish a bond. Write My Child also serves as a way to encourage self-esteem and learning in the children while affirming the sponsor’s place in their life.

UAB Programs Earn High Rankings on US News and World Report Guide

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University of Alabama at Birmingham

For almost 20 years, Dr. Chris Endfinger has worked in emergency departments in Alabama and now serves as an attending physician in the emergency department at Team Health Southeast. Dr. Chris Endfinger prepared for his career in emergency medicine by earning an MD from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Medicine.

In a recent news release, UAB announced that a number of its programs and schools earned high rankings in the 2017 edition of US News & World Report’s Best Graduate Schools in America guidebook. UAB’s primary care program tied for 21st on the list, while the UAB School of Medicine tied for 35th among medical schools in research. Other UAB programs earned top 20 rankings, including the master of science in health administration program, which retained its rank of second in the nation.

US News develops its rankings by collecting expert opinions on program quality through surveys disseminated to more than 18,000 professionals and academics. US News also looks at statistical indicators to evaluate the quality of an institution’s research, faculty, and study body.

Compassion International Donates Funds to Pikes Peak Academy

An experienced emergency department physician, Dr. Chris Endfinger currently serves as an attending physician for the emergency department at Team Health Southeast. Dr. Chris Endfinger also supports a number of charitable organizations, including Compassion International, a Colorado-based Christian ministry that provides spiritual and economic child advocacy services.

In a recent release, Compassion International announced that it presented the proceeds from its 2014 Christmas Fundraiser to Pikes Peak Academy (PPA), a school that provides academic assistance to youth who may not meet graduation requirements. The $15,000 donation will support student scholarships at the donor-funded PPA, where more than half of the school’s students are from low-income environments. According to PPA, 70 percent of its budget comes from community contributions, and a representative from the school noted that the donation from Compassion International was crucial after a fiscally challenging summer.

Compassion International has selected a local charity to benefit from its annual Christmas Fundraiser for the past 15 years, and the donated funds are from Compassion employees who raised proceeds during various events. In 2014, Compassion International staff raised funds during events such as charitable runs, craft fairs, and Cash for Casual day.

Compassion International Works to Improve Children’s Health

One of the many advocacies of the organization Compassion International is to meet health and medical needs of people born in poverty. The organization receives funds from donors like Dr. Chris Endfinger, and the money goes to the organization’s several medical initiatives, which include a malaria intervention program, medical assistance, and an HIV/AIDS initiative.

Compassion International’s beneficiaries usually come from areas where there are no clean latrines or waste systems. Deprived of clean water and nutritious food, these people constantly battle issues like malnutrition, diseases, and abuses. To address this problem, Compassion International strives to provide medical assistance and organize feeding programs for children. Furthermore, the organization also steps in to help children involved in medical emergencies, such as a traumatic injury or heart disease.

Deeply committed to their child-focused programs and working to maintain effective stewardship, donors like Dr. Chris Endfinger are assured that only 15 percent of their donation goes to overhead costs while a hefty 85 percent goes to program expenses. This ensures that the bulk of Compassion International’s finances go to life-changing initiatives.

Signs of a Medical Emergency

An attending physician in emergency departments across Alabama, Dr. Chris Endfinger has practiced medicine for 20 years. Dr. Chris Endfinger currently practices as a member of Team Health Southeast.

Medical emergencies are those that indicate an immediate and serious risk of death or long-term damage. Signs of such an emergency are typically sudden or severe, and most often both. Intense abdominal pain, chest pain, or headache are common signs of an urgent medical condition, as are vomiting with blood and other presentations of intestinal bleeding.

In addition, any symptoms that involve a person’s consciousness or mental state are likely signs of an emergency. These include dizziness, fainting, weakness, or paralysis, as well as confusion and other changes in behavior. Thoughts of suicide or of hurting others also qualify as an emergency, as they are signs of a dangerous mental disturbance.

Serious injuries, such as broken bones or head injuries, also fall into the category of emergencies.The same is true for uncontrolled bleeding or deep, open wounds, as these are likely to need intervention to resolve. Although these are often signs of a medical emergency, individual medical histories contribute to the seriousness of a condition. Therefore, a licensed physician is best qualified to ultimately determine the urgent nature of a particular symptom set.